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On ‘Pulsar Beats’ Beat Tape:


‘Great idea, nice beats’
– Anthony Rother

‘Very sick tracks! Dope beats, look forward to spinning them!’
– Dj Mr Switch (London UK)

‘Tunes are fire!’
– Tim Parker (NTSRadio / YoulSoonKnow.Us, London UK)

Kypski Beats leases on Beatstars


What do you get as a Patron?
Depending on the tier you choose: Patron – only livestreams, early access to updates, tickets, releases. Connect with me personally. Access to my ‘Syntablism 101’ course. Merch: like my Wreck Fader vinyl record, logo socks. Personal 1-on-1 coaching and bespoke advice on your Syntablism setup, or on your regular electronic music setup and how to make it work for YOU in the best possible way. In the end: more (Syntablism) knowledge, understanding, fun and most importantly: MUSIC.

Why start a Patreon?
Creators, these days, face an extremely challenging financial future. Creating my music & videos is really time consuming. I spend many hours on patching, analyzing, researching, rehearsing, recording and editing a video or song. With your help, it’ll be much easier to find the time to focus and to make more videos and improve their quality.

Let’s expand the Syntablism community! We’ll be able to find new ways of scratching and maybe reinvent scratching altogether!

I wish you all the best, stay healthy & safe and i hope you will join me on my quest.



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‘Modular synth + turntablism = mindblowing 😱


‘What do you get when you mix a lil bit of Squarepusher, lil bit of Qbert, and a lil bit of Mura Masa and a whole lotta awesomeness? …. this dude!!’


On ‘Wreck Fader’:

‘Brilliantly-executed electronica that showcases not only Kypski’s production skills but also his scratching chops. Whether it’s pimp-rolling hip-hop grooves (Headcrack), jittery bassline (Wreck Fader) or deconstructed soul (Armitage Skank), Kypski’s meticulous, at times frenetic, production serves as the perfect vehicle for his intricate, melodic scratching which, rather than being the usual arbitrary sonic pyrotechnics, takes us on a journey through the tracks, adding character and soul to each.’

Crack Magazine (UK)

‘The album is, indeed, some majestic headfuck. Sounds like Mellow Gold era Beck if he was raised on a diet of chip tune and Invisibl Skratch piklz and teleported to 2018.’

Thump (USA)

‘Highlighting the future of Turntablism, which sounds a lot like pure Hip-Hop colliding with Electronic Music.’

Do Androids Dance (USA)

‘Kypski’s debut album delves deep into not just hip hop, but with the undervalued world of scratching, creating a concept album that’s beyond music, but also into art.’

Earmilk (USA)

‘Wij hebben in opperste staat van extase verkeerd met dit meesterwerk van Kypski.
Een echt Bazenalbum!’ (NL)

‘Indrukwekkend scratchwerk, meesterlijke breaks en samples. Spannend breed spectrum aan elektronische tracks met warme toetsen en een machtige ritmiek.’

BN De Stem (NL)

About Kypski

Kypski’s debut soloalbum ‘Wreck Fader’ features Daedelus (Brainfeeder), Dj K La Boss (EPMD / Lil Wayne), D-Styles (ISP/Low End Theory), Dj DNA (U.D.S.) and Caro Emerald. Vinyl available through Lowriders Recordings.

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